Who We Are

Valiant Freeroam/Roleplay is a San Andreas Multiplayer gaming community which goes against the grain from conventional servers. With a diverse and friendly community, and one of SA:MP's largest scripts, why not give us a try today?

Valiant Freeroam/Roleplay has features that many SA:MP servers do not have which makes your experience unique. This includes our Dual-Organisation System, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds; whether that is being a criminal mastermind by day, and the Chief of Police the next day, that is up to you!

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About vR

The server was originally founded by Axis in 2012, due to all Freeroam/Roleplay servers having one thing in common: not enough for players to do. The server was developed with a key focus on what the community want, which has allowed the server to get progressively bigger and better.

Frequently Asked Questions


Axis and Spencer currently own Valiant Freeroam/Roleplay.

My idea with vR was that heavy roleplay-oriented servers require you to always be 'in-character' and on-edge to expect RP at any time. With vR, it's different. The concept works together as it allows freeroamers to access events within the server, whilst simultaneously allowing hardcore roleplayers to join into a RP session whenever convenient.

As well as our script being far larger and greater than other servers, the experience and community that surrounds vR cannot be replicated elsewhere. The staff and owners always try to be level and honest with the players, as well as always being approachable which is something that is often lacking on other servers.

As a Freeroam/Roleplay server, we have two key clans: Valiant Freeroam and Valiant Roleplay. The [vF] tag is for the freeroamers that have little/no interest in RP. The [vR] tag is for those that are interested in Freeroaming as well as RP as well.